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Ivy Kids Kit - Are you a Bee?

Ivy Kids Kit - Are you a Bee?

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This kit features the beautifully illustrated book Are you a Bee? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries. 

This kit contains over 10 science, math, art, literacy, and engineering activities inspired by the story including:

  • The book Are you a Bee? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries, a fun and interesting story that introduces children to the life of a bee.
  • Bee Life Cycle Figures: Realistic Life Cycle Figures of a bee including the egg, larva, pupa, and adult bee.
  • Bee Story Character- Use the soft bee to retell the story and learn about bees
  • Build a Beehive: Use the materials included to construct a hexagonal shaped beehive for your bee.
  • Feed the Bees: Bees are important pollinators and we need to protect their habitats. The seed packet provided in this month’s kit contains easy-to-grow wildflower seeds that will grow beautiful flowers that bees will love.
  • Bee Box: Use the paints to decorate the hexagon box and wooden bee body. The bee box will make a beautiful addition to a child’s room and a great place for storing special items.
  • Honey Bee Life Cycle: Use the realistic figures included to explore the bee life cycle. Then identify each stage and match the picture cards to the corresponding space on the Life Cycle of a Honey Bee board. 
  • Honey Bee Stick Puppet: Cut out the different honey bee body parts to create a stick puppet. 
  • Bee Garden Board Game: Players take turns rolling the die and moving their bees on the flower path, collecting pollen along the way. 
  • Make a Flower Pinwheel: Use the materials to construct and decorate a pinwheel. Take your pinwheel out on a windy day and watch it spin. 
  • Bee Finger Puppet: Create a bee finger puppet for imaginative play and for acting out a song and a poem.
  • Beehive - Roll and Cover: Roll the die and cover the corresponding beehive cell with a grain of pollen (yellow pom-pom). The first player to get rid of all of his pollen wins the game. (Two difficulty levels of this game are included)
  • Beehive Letters Game: To play the game, pick a letter card and then find a picture on your board that starts with that letter sound. The first person to cover all the pictures on their beehive wins the game. (Two difficulty levels of this game are included - Beginning Letters & Beginning Blends & Digraphs.)
  • Bee Race: The bees are trying to get from the hive to the flower.  Which bee will be the first to reach the flower and win the race?
  • My Busy Beehive: Use a bubble sheet to stamp the hive with yellow dots and then use your fingerprints to create bees. What have you learned about bees from reading the book Are you a Bee?
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