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Ivy Kids kit - The Three Snow Bears

Ivy Kids kit - The Three Snow Bears

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In this Ivy Kids kit featuring the beautifully illustrated book The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, you will find:

  • The book The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, a story about a girl that meets a polar bear family. This books gives readers a glimpse into life in the Arctic. 
  • Read along Bookmark: Use to assist with reading comprehension.
  • Plush Polar Bear: This cuddly polar bear is the perfect companion while reading the story. 
  • Build an Igloo: Learn how people in the Arctic use ice blocks to build igloos. Then use "ice blocks" (made from biodegradable corn starch) to build your own igloo. 
  • Clay Polar Bear: Learn fun and interesting facts about polar bears. Then use the white clay to create your own polar bear. 
  • All About Polar Bears: Identify the different body parts of a polar bear.
  • Arctic Sea Ice Experiment: Use the bowl provided, water, and your freezer to create an iceberg floating in the Arctic sea. Explore how ice acts in water and how polar bears use the ice.
  • Polar Bear Frame: Select a photo and add it to the frame. Pretend to be one of the bears from the story and use the crayons to draw clothes onto the bear frame.
  • Snowflake Wreath: Use lots of snowflake stickers to create beautiful winter wreath for your home. 
  • Save the Sled Dogs Board Game: Roll the die and move your polar bear on the iceberg path. The first polar bear to reach the sled dogs wins the game. 
  • Catch the Seals: Pull-back the polar bear and watch it go. If the polar bear lands on or touches a seal card, the player collects it, identifies the letter(s) on the card and names something that starts with that letter sound. 
  • Roll and Cover Game: Select one of the fours boards provided. Then roll the die,  find the number on the board and cover it with a white pom-pom. Cover all the spaces to win the game.
  • If I lived in the Arctic: Think about what life must be like living in the Arctic. Write your ideas on the space provided on the board. Then use the crayons to color a picture of yourself dressed as though you lived in the Arctic. 
  • The Three Snow Bears Story Retelling: Color and cut out the characters from the story The Three Snow Bears. Then reread the story and use the characters to act out the story.
  • Number Stories: Create your own number stories using the characters from the story The Three Snow Bears. If Papa bear has 3 snowballs and Baby bear has 2 snowballs, how many snowballs do they have altogether?
Your Kit includes a guide for each activity to help promote your child’s learning while you play together.
At Ivy Kids, we know that every child is unique. In your guide, you will find tips to
modify each game based on the age and development of your child.
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